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The idiom “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” beautifully summarizes the deep importance of trust as the major foundation of any relationship. How can you build one of the most valuable business commodities? Here are some ways to build trust:
  • Engaging colleagues, peers or clients in discussion on topics of their interest
  • Listening more than talking to truly understand the other’s perspective
  • Providing reliable service, keeping promises and following through is imperative to building trust
  • Sharing information transparently, being open and honest, and speaking from the heart demonstrates your trustworthiness
  • Striving for a win-win solution for all parties involved
To trust or not to trust depends on the decision of the other person (not the one who would be trusted). Trust is a bi-lateral relationship. Displaying attitudes and behaviors that increase your trustworthiness, reliability and integrity still is no guarantee that other people will actually trust you. They might hold a low trusting belief that impedes their ability to socially engage.

As a leader, it is your key priority to create trust, to create a safe work environment where team members address problems promptly, and to be willing to put yourselves at risk based on someone else’s actions. An organization without trust is inefficient, and is often stagnant. Trust must permeate the entire corporate culture. And trust begins with you as leaders.

We live and work in an age of disruption and relentless change. Companies must be fast, adaptable, agile and courageous to compete. Dr. René Kusch, founder and Managing Partner of RELEVANT always says “agility needs stability”. To be(come) the eye of the storm – the calm region at the center of strong tropical cyclones – you need to have or develop a strong sense of who you are. The Hogan Assessment suite provided by René and his consultant team, which I am part of, strongly increases your self-awareness.

Trust cannot flourish in a workplace where leaders constantly avoid conflict. It is important to come to the understanding that conflict is not “bad”. It actually is an essential component of innovation, problem-solving, and growth. Oliver Florschuetz addresses conflict with his clients in a clear, direct, and truthful manner for them to be able to clear the way, take tough decisions and be productive again. Together with Oliver, I have worked with Senior Leadership Teams on defining vision and strategy, and building an innovative culture.

In his article “Drop the alibis and start trusting for real!”, Stefano Petti, co-founder of Asterys and Aequacy, outlines the importance of unconditional trust. He emphasizes that building trust starts with trusting yourself unconditionally.

My coach colleague and long-standing friend Mary Burns Hoff wrote an insightful article “Trust: Gain motivation and lose anxiety especially for this newsletter (thank you, Mary!). Mary shares some case studies, hurdles and ways to create trust. She has been addressing marketing and communication for not-for-profits and small businesses using coaching and consulting for 25 years.

Successful trust building can be the difference between success and failure in any business venture or industry. Contact us if you want to engage in a thought-provoking process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Lead courageously, Annette.

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