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What the best leaders need to know about teams: Safety first!

Leaders, Imagine you accepted a new challenging position that created as much apprehension as it did excitement. Of course, you are aware that more and more of today’s work is powered by teams and the execution of the company’s long-term goals heavily relies on effective collaboration. As the newbie in the organization, what can [...]

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Managing a Virtual Team

Leaders, Working in virtual teams is one key challenge in the digitization of companies today, both for employees and leaders alike. You may have a team that is spread over different cities, regions or even different countries. How can you ensure that this team will achieve the best results and satisfy your customers’ requirements at [...]

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How Effective Is Your Team?

I have a dream. Wouldn’t it be great if we all worked in teams that have no politics nor dysfunctions so that we can get our work done and focus on the desired results? Please be aware: If you want to make teams effective, it does require high levels of courage and discipline. Teamwork is [...]

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Hit the Spot Developing your Team

Back in th e 90ies, a typical phone call I got from a manager went like this:  “I am calling you because I need a teambuilding activity for my team.” “Yeah, great, what do you need?” “Well, I thought you were the expert…” “I am but you need to know what you want. What is it [...]

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High-Impact Leadership to Develop Winning Teams

Leaders, Are you continuously aligning the tasks and goals of your team with the overall vision and objectives of your organization? How important is team development in your organization? Are you creating an environment that allows people to be all they can be? The subject of high-achieving teams is nothing new. The output of organizations [...]

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Is there a magic formula for leading high-performing teams?

What makes teams that are continuously and consistently high-performing unique? Is there a secret ingredient that makes them click? How can executives support and accelerate this process? In order to be successful, every team needs a common goal that is known, understood and accepted by all members, each feeling individually responsible for its accomplishment. In their [...]

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