Download: The Dark Triad or the fifty shades of gray in leadership

How dark is your personality? Are you a manipulative person?  Can you switch off your empathy? Are you completely obsessed with yourself? If your answer is yes, you might want to pay attention to your dark side. “Dark” leaders may be toxic but still be as effective as pro-social, self-controlled, and “good” leaders. Let’s explore.

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Feedback: Driving Individual and Organizational Success

Webinar FeedbackWithout feedback, we have no chance to learn and grow.  Feedback supports creativity and innovation. Eventually, feedback provides us with a sense of securityas we know where we stand and what our strengths, weaknesses and blind spots are. There are numerous feedback tools and frameworks available. We have compiled our favorites in this downloadable document.

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Irresistible Marketing for Start-Ups II – Download

IMG_2625Irresistible marketing for start-ups starts with your elevator pitch that is one of the most important networking tools. It serves as your verbal business card that provides a brief, compelling introduction to your company and intrigues new acquaintances to seek more information. Get started by downloading the Inspired Executives’ Elevator Pitch template.








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Irresistible Marketing for Start-Ups I – Download

IMG_2649Review your to-list and your goals against your deepest intentions, values and beliefs. Whether we achieve our goals depends on whether we take action. Whether we will attract clients depends on how conscious we are about our motifs. The information in the Irrisistible Marketing I_Download will help you feel clear, focused and more motivated to achieve your goals. You will also gain clarity on why you do what you do. For more details on this topic please visit one of our latest articles.






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Coach Program: Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Let’s face it. More people – particularly in the corporate world – are increasingly under a lot of more stress. Scarce resources, cost cutting, heightened customer demands, changing environments, increasing workload, multiple sources of information – just to name a few potential stressors. Resilience is that indescribable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Train your resilience muscle and learn how to move forward without losing steam!  Get more info in our download here.

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