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Pia Sue Helferich is an expert in online communication and website design, working with small and medium-size companies. She has worked with Annette on the Inspired Executive virtual presence and communication activities since 2011. Learn more about Pia:

Managing a Virtual Team

Leaders, Working in virtual teams is one key challenge in the digitization of companies today, both for employees and leaders alike. You may have a team that is spread over different cities, regions or even different countries. How can you ensure that this team will achieve the best results and satisfy your customers’ requirements at [...]

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Communities of Practice for Start-Ups – An efficient way to grow faster

In the context of the development of organizations, there is one concept which emerged as one of the most influential concepts in social sciences over the last years (Hughes, Jewson, & Unwin, 2007): The concept of “Communities of Practice'” (CoP). The name was first mentioned by Wenger, 1998. CoPs can be defined as “groups of [...]

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Lifelong Learning is a Key Competitive Factor for Organizations Today

Leaders, Our society and economy changes worldwide through digitalization. That is not new and has been an ongoing process in our changing world. The effects are faster production processes and the need for rapid innovation. Although the effects are well known and described, what is about you and your team? How can you adapt to [...]

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