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What’s your Leadership Response to the VUCA World?

Leaders, What drivers will impact economic activity for the long-term? It’s probably the interplay and intensity of the usual suspects: Technological advancement, volatile consumer interests, increasing customer demands, versatile competitors, disintegrated markets, natural disasters, as well as massive socio-political and socio-economic shifts. These drivers create an environment that can be characterized by the speed and [...]

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Change your Story. Change your World.

Leaders, Baum der Hoffung © Otmar Brettschneider This article is right for you if you can whole-heartedly agree that communication to convince and give direction to your teams and other stakeholders is far more than the typical company speak via bullet points in a presentation, dry memos or hyperbolic missives. Persuasion and [...]

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Believing in Change

Leaders, Aristotle taught us that „without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.“ Yet, astonishingly enough, it has become so much harder to make genuine human connections and establish trust – crucial prerequisites for successful change. Let me give you an example: My little niece finally started school last Fall. [...]

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Feedback is Everywhere

Leaders, As it’s time to prepare for the mid-term performance evaluations with your teams, I thought it might be worthwhile sharing as to what could enhance the effectiveness of your feedback discussions. I will talk about formal and informal feedback in this blog post. Giving feedback can be one of the hardest leadership tasks. To [...]

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