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Coaching is the language of innovation

Leaders, We live in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) in times of unheard-of turbulence. It is an era of ever-increasing competition and technology that changes at speeds unimaginable a few years ago. Surviving and thriving in this environment requires a unique approach to accelerating innovation, catalyzing discovery, and tapping emerging opportunities. Albert Einstein [...]

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Feedback: Driving Individual and Organizational Success [with Download]

Leaders, Giving impactful feedback is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish, isn’t it? Then again, it is one of the most effective drivers for individual and organizational success. Let’s take a look at the current situation of workplace feedback and its consequences, the importance of feedback, and what you can do to deliver it [...]

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Is the Key to Effective Leadership Female?

Leaders, A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed to contribute to an article for CFA Institute Magazine. The article’s subject was around (gender) differences to effective leadership. Wanda Wallace, Suzanne Bates, Katie Christy and other powerful women leaders were interviewed, too. I feel very honored to have been chosen to be part of this [...]

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Authentic, Influential Leadership Unveiled: The What, Why, and How of Executive Presence

Leaders, Jim Keene, CFA, Atherton Consulting Group, and Annette Czernik, PCC, Inspired Executives, recently designed and delivered a webinar and wrote an article on Executive Presence for the CFA Institute. For us, Executive Presence is a crucial skill set for every leader. We define Executive Presence as follows: „Executives with Presence have deep domain knowledge [...]

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Communities of Practice for Start-Ups – An efficient way to grow faster

In the context of the development of organizations, there is one concept which emerged as one of the most influential concepts in social sciences over the last years (Hughes, Jewson, & Unwin, 2007): The concept of “Communities of Practice'” (CoP). The name was first mentioned by Wenger, 1998. CoPs can be defined as “groups of [...]

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Startup: Developing a Start-Up Team

Leaders, When you started your venture, what were the initial stumbling blocks that you encountered? Do you remember? Were they market-related, such as a value proposition that’s not compelling enough or the market wasn’t ready for your product, and your timing too early or the market was not large enough? Or was there a glitch [...]

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Plans that Really Work

Leaders, Have you ever wondered about the short lifecycle of New Year’s resolutions and their tendency to fail? Implementing your intentions requires answers to the ‘Why’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ of what it is that you want to transform in your business or life. Everyone enjoys the feeling of achievement, pride, strengths and confidence after successfully [...]

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