When did you last flirt and celebrate with the world?

Leaders, Nothing great has been and nothing great can be accomplished without Passion. G.W.F. Hegel (1770 – 1831), German philosopher Passion is a key topic with all my coaching clients at some point in our process. Professionals require passion to be able to inspire and motivate themselves and their teams. And by doing so, they [...]

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Wishing you much happiness this year!

I just got off the phone with a friend and fellow board member of the network for tolerance ( whose story truly inspires me. Let me tell you why. Jens is in his twenties and totally into social media, developing software, websites and apps. After a rough start, it took us a while to understand [...]

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International Coach Federation (ICF): 2012 Coaching Day of the Rhine-Main Chapter

Last week, around 80 fellow coaches attended the regional ICF conference. Key topic was utilizing diagnostic and psychometric tools in the coaching process; their range of use, limitations and opportunities. In general, diagnostic tools provide you with an idea of your preferences in terms of energy, behavior, communication, leadership, etc. They enhance reflection and introspection, [...]

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Have a very merry holiday season!

Dear all, In 1897, eight-year old Virginia, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Philip F. O’Hanlon wrote a letter to The Sun inquiring if there was a Santa Claus. Francis P. Church, an associate writer, never thought that his answer to Virginia would become the most widely read editorial article ever written; it has been reproduced [...]

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Energy Leadership™ – Energize, Manage & Lead, Inspire, Develop

The Executive Challenge: Channeling Energy for Inspirational Leadership In these times of fast-moving change and troubled economies, company executives are increasingly challenged to find new and effective ways of energizing and engaging their employees. Inspirational leadership continues to be one of the most valuable skills required by today’s corporate leaders. Leading is a conscious [...]

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Energy Leadership™ Assessment

Annette’s client, Emma*, is a young key account manager working for a mid-size consulting firm advising international companies in the financial industry. She holds master’s degrees in Economics and English and has spent half her life living abroad. Situation She contacted Annette because she felt stuck in her current work situation; having already tried [...]

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Leadership Development Plan

Situation Annette’s client was a junior business strategy manager in the aviation industry who held an MBA from London Business School and who was fluent in five languages. His career had come to a turning point and he found himself in a professional crisis when he started working with Annette. Goals The agreed [...]

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The Making Of …. A Logo: The Inspired Executives Logo

Designing the logo for Inspired Executives was an important cornerstone in starting her Executive coaching business. The following story provides personal insights to this highly creative process. Kerstin Jeckel and Karl-Martin Hartmann are artists who do not create logos every day – and not for everyone! If they decide to work with you, you will [...]

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