Last week, around 80 fellow coaches attended the regional ICF conference. Key topic was utilizing diagnostic and psychometric tools in the coaching process; their range of use, limitations and opportunities.

In general, diagnostic tools provide you with an idea of your preferences in terms of energy, behavior, communication, leadership, etc. They enhance reflection and introspection, or measure cognitive skills, provide feedback or an overview of your personality traits. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) or DiSC® are some of the most renowned self-assessments.
Experts and speakers on tools like Insights, the Enneagram, MPPI-18 or Talent-Q shared their knowledge and involved the participants in lively discussions.

Key take-aways and trends:

  • Assessment tools need to be complex and flexible to cater to the different user groups and needs. Ideally, they combine different schools of thought and allow for multiple reports.
  • For a risk assessment on the C-Suite level, testing derailment factors and supporting the new Executive through coaching is an efficient approach. The derailer concept measures behavior under stress and in highly unfavorable situations; these behaviors can lead to burnout, failure and career stops.
  • When recruiting for an open position, consider the relation of knowledge, behavior and personality. It is almost impossible to change your personality and easy to acquire new knowledge, and it is crucial to ensure best fit when transitioning into a new job. Hence, an assessment that measures mental health, interaction with others and work attitude.
  • There is value in every feedback, regardless how scientific it is. Some tools have been passed down for centuries, yet, truth is found in them. It is all a matter of how you apply their results to your current context and burning questions.
  • Every psychometric tool helps you to learn more about yourself, to identify and value the differences with others, and to hone your behavioral approach in order to interact with others more effectively.


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With the 2012 Coaching Day, the International Coach Federation – that I have been an accredited member of since 2010 – has again proven to be the top-notch worldwide network of coaching professionals.