Each of us views the world through our unique lens of values, morals, conventions, behaviors, attitudes and ethics. Culture informs every aspect of how we live, function and interpret the world around us. When diverse cultures get together, inadvertent misunderstandings frequently occur, despite a common shared language.

Potential objectives for the coaching process are:

  • Energize leaders to manage miscommunication, conflict and stereotypes on their international teams
  • Engage leaders to develop strong (virtual) team relationships through interpersonal skills
  • Empower leaders to become empathetic and inclusive of the culturally ‘other’

Even if you put your best foot forward, you can still step on someone’s toe. Coaching helps you stick with your ‘workout routine’ practicing cultural competence. Through coaching, leaders who cross cultures will increase their self-awareness and clarity on their own cultural identity and how that impacts their decision-making, leadership and communication style as well as their team management.

Selection of possible tools, models and methods:

  • Energy Leadership Index™, an attitudinal assessment that measures your level of energy based on your attitude, or perception and perspective of your world
  • Organizational and country culture
  • Stages of team building for virtual teams
  • Conflict reconciliation
  • Trust and empathy

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