Change Management

Inspired Executives cover these areas in change management:

  • Managing and Leading Personal and Organizational Change,
  • Vision, Mission, Value Proposition,
  • Building Trust,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Change Communication,
  • Embedding Change.

Results of Change Management

Working with Inspired Executives on change management initiatives leads to

  • Clarity of everyone’s responsibilities,
  • Involvement of all: senior and middle managers, and frontline employees,
  • Acceptance of reasons for the change throughout the organization.
  • Employees are enabled to quickly use the new process, system, technology or tools the change introduces.
  • Everyone has a chance to practice the ‘new way of doing things’.
Inspired Executives provide masterful coaching and consulting to Sponsors and Project Leaders of change initiatives in organizations and HR Managers and Professionals at any point in time in the organizational change process.
The Inspired Executives’ coach approach to developing supportive and transformational leadership is founded in this philosophy:

  • Leaders are made, not born. Everyone is a leader in their lives. Leading others starts with leading yourself. Leaders emphasize their self-development.
  • Leaders who enhance their awareness have the greatest impact as they effectively manage the congruence of intention, action and perception.
  • Leaders, who choose to express their most valuable qualities, enable change and have a bias for action.
  • Leadership infuses organizations with inspiration and energy that move people forward.
  • Leaders choosing to constantly focus on people and clarity achieve alignment and results.
Inspired Executives offers Coaching in English and German.

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