Coaching Services

Coaching with Inspired Executives is specifically tailored to your needs. Coaching assignments can cover these themes:

  • Grow your leadership excellence and executive presence
  • Prepare for the next career move
  • Leave a legacy
  • Manage and lead organizational change and communicate to stakeholders
  • Develop a long-term perspective and focus on high leverage strategic initiatives
  • Lead for high performance
  • Implement difficult decisions

Results of Coaching

Coaching with Inspired Executives leads to:

  • Increased awareness about own behavioral biases, patterns and underlying belief system to enhance behavioral repertoire and influence
  • Heightened ability to lead and create followership in the international arena
  • Easy and productive collaboration with the workforce and clients
  • Improved ability to motivate and inspire self, teams, and organizations for performance and heightened organizational health
  • Boost of managerial productivity and effective implementation of organizational change
  • Smooth transition into more senior roles
  • Authentic self-expression and self-confidence
  • “Executive Happiness”: Less stress, better health, and a happier work life

Inspired Executives provides 1:1 Coaching to managers and leaders – front line to C-Suite – across the globe via Skype, phone and in-person. Team coaching is offered to (senior) management teams.

The Inspired Executives’ approach to developing supportive and transformational leadership is founded in this philosophy:

  • Leaders are made, not born. Everyone is a leader in their lives. Leading others starts with leading yourself. Leaders emphasize their self-development.
  • Leaders who enhance their awareness have the greatest impact as they effectively manage the congruence of intention, action and perception.
  • Leaders, who choose to express their most valuable qualities, enable change and have a bias for action.
  • Leadership infuses organizations with inspiration and energy that move people forward.
  • Leaders choosing to constantly focus on people and clarity achieve alignment and results.

Inspired Executives offers Coaching in English and German.

Managing Stress

Let’s face it. More people – particularly in the corporate world – are increasingly under a lot of more stress. Scarce resources, cost cutting, heightened customer demands, changing environments, increasing workload, multiple sources of information – just to name a few potential stressors. Resilience is that indescribable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Train your resilience muscle and learn how to move forward without losing steam!  Get more info here in our stress management flyer.