Cross-Cultural Communication

Inspired Executives works on cross-cultural competence in these scenarios:

  • Goodbye: Preparing the Expatriate for the international assignment,
  • Welcome: Onboarding the Expatriate in the new environment,
  • Starting off with a tolerant mindset,
  • Intercultural awareness program for teams,
  • Cross-cultural competence in motion.

Cross-Cultural Communication Results

Cross-Cultural Communication with Inspired Executives:

  • Provides a confidential and objective “space and time” enabling self-awareness and self-reflection.
  • Evaluates behavioral patterns, communication and leadership skills affecting decision-making.
  • Hones your communication style, ensuring clear, effective and constant communication.

Inspired Executives offers service in cross-cultural communications especially for organizations and teams operating internationally, international communities and expatriates.

The Inspired Executives’ coach approach to developing supportive and transformational leadership is founded in this philosophy:

  • Leaders are made, not born. Everyone is a leader in their lives. Leading others starts with leading yourself. Leaders emphasize their self-development.
  • Leaders who enhance their awareness have the greatest impact as they effectively manage the congruence of intention, action and perception.
  • Leaders, who choose to express their most valuable qualities, enable change and have a bias for action.
  • Leadership infuses organizations with inspiration and energy that move people forward.
  • Leaders choosing to constantly focus on people and clarity achieve alignment and results.

Inspired Executives offers Coaching in English and German.

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