Inspired Executives provides mentoring to leaders, startups, entrepreneurs and expatriate managers at a secure and confidential distance from day-to-day relationships on an ongoing basis. It’s lonely at the top without a close colleague to confide in. Annette brings her leadership experience and coaching ability to serve as sounding-board, sparring partner or trusted advisor.

Inspired Executives supports HR professionals and HR functional leaders in designing and introducing internal corporate mentoring programs.


Mentoring provides the opportunity to

  • Leadership Development and Talent Management,
  • Work Relationships and Team Effectiveness,
  • Corporate Culture,
  • Restructuring and Postmerger-Integration.

Results of Mentoring

Mentoring with Inspired Executives leads to

  • Settle into the new leadership role during the first months
  • Establish and review business plans, value propositions, mission and vision statements
  • Prepare for crucial conversations and decision-making
  • Establish ideas and plans for change initiatives and organizational transformation
  • Develop and strengthen executive presence
  • Understand organizational and regional cultures to enable maneuvering, providing direction, commitment and alignment
  • Create succession plans for critical roles in the organization and develop successors.