IMG_2649Some of you might have stepped out of your ‘safe’ corporate careers to start your own businesses. Some of you might only have played with that thought … . Let me guess – the uncertainty the new environment and the transition presented made you feel uncomfortable, right?! It is hard to create a sense of safety and trust for your clients if you are not feeling it inside. Who would feel attracted to a person or an organization that communicates from a place of fear? What can you do to manage the ambiguity?

To be successful in business today you just need to be good at dealing with ambiguity. It is a critical business skill to be able to respond with confidence and adaptability. You can manage ambiguity if you can

  • make decisions based on the information you have, even if that isn’t the whole picture
  • cope with uncertainty and risk
  • adapt to change.

Here are my five tips for dealing with ambiguity for today’s leaders. How well do you perform against them?

  1. Develop your flexibility. Incorporate new information in your course of action, adapt your plan if need be and don’t let your ego get in the way.
  2. Be confident in yourself and your strengths. Have confidence in your abilities to respond to what you cannot control. Focus on your strengths and how to use them to follow your vision.
  3. Detach from the result. The only thing you can actually control is the current moment, so let go of the notion that you ‘control everything’ in your business. Try to enjoy the process without losing sight of the strategy.
  4. Learn to deal with your stress. The world and the future are uncertain, and that can cause a lot of stress no matter how effectively you manage ambiguity. Meditation is the most sustainable way to cultivate a relaxed state of mind.
  5. Listen to advice and feedback. No-one can know it all. And everyone is a teacher and a student at the same time. Be comfortable with people being cleverer than you and use them as a resource.

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”

Peter F. Drucker

Clarity about your purpose of your start-up is not only crucial when facing uncertainty, complexity, or ambiguity; it also is the key to your marketing strategy. “People buy from your why” – Simon Sinek shares this insight in his famous TED talk. Your “whys” form the linchpin of your decision to move into a start-up venture. And they will also become the foundation of  irresistible marketing for start-ups.

Why do some start-ups and companies achieve things that completely exceed our expectations, defying all our assumptions for what’s possible? According to Simon Sinek, the fundamental difference between the “Apples” of the world and everyone else is that they start with “why.” He states that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. To inspire your prospect clients as a start-up, you need to start thinking and communicating from the inside out. It is your purpose and your cause that attracts people. Build trust, align your goals, hopes and dreams with theirs. Do business with people who believe what you believe. There will be an instant connection. You are authentic, you give them a sense of belonging and they will feel safe with you.

“The outer world is simply a reflection of the inner world.”

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Simon Sinek argues, “If Apple were like everyone else,” they would say,  “We make great computers, they’re beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly. Want to buy one?”Instead Apple says, “Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly. We just happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?”

Turn prospects and clients into raving fans and be clear about

  • Why you get out of bed in the morning
  • Why you sell what you sell
  • Why your solutions are the best
  • Why your clients should buy from you rather than your competitors.

Review your to-list and your goals against your deepest intentions, values and beliefs. Whether we achieve our goals depends on whether we take action. Whether we will attract clients depends on how conscious we are about our motifs. The information in the Irrisistible Marketing I_Download will help you feel clear, focused and more motivated to achieve your goals. You will also gain clarity on why you do what you do.

Contemplate your why, how and what; it’s time well invested. The Why is the core belief of your business; it’s why the business exists. The How is the way or the processes in which the business fulfills that core belief. And the What is what the company does to fulfill that core belief. Define your start-up and your role in it. Present it with passion, belief and trust. And just watch what happens—it’s truly magical.

It’s easier and more efficient to go through the why-how-what-process and your irresistible marketing strategy together. Contact me. I am here to serve you, to ask you the right questions and to hold you accountable to your strong commitments.

Yours truly, Annette.