IMG_2625Tell me about your business! What do you do? If I were an investor or prospect client, what would you say to me to gain my attention, interest, and to get to the next level? Will I be intrigued by the way you are giving your brief, concise speech?

If you cannot present yourself and your business or idea in 60 seconds, your strategy is not yet clear enough. It just takes a ride in an elevator to appeal to the strategic mindset of potential investors or clients while also creating an emotional connection to your company’s mission or value proposition. Effective elevator pitches captivate the audience through careful message construction and pre-delivery rehearsals.

Many entrepreneurs find it awkward to promote themselves and their business. You can become more comfortable by designing and practicing an attention-grabbing elevator pitch. Start off strong and tell what you do, not what you are. Repeat key information like your name and your company’s name.

From our experience, in many instances, the person delivering the pitch rushes through the information. The reason for this rushed delivery can be anxiety or the desire to blurt out all the information at once. An effective pitch engages the potential investor or client in the idea, while a poor pitch overwhelms the target with too much information too fast.

Irresistible marketing for start-ups starts with your elevator pitch that is one of the most important networking tools. It serves as your verbal business card that provides a brief, compelling introduction to your company and intrigues new acquaintances to seek more information. Get started by downloading the Inspired Executives’ Elevator Pitch template.

Coaching with Inspired Executives supports the development of your vision, mission and value proposition. It also provides you with an opportunity to rehearse and use your elevator pitch to get their points across quickly. Contact us.