Annette’s client was a junior business strategy manager in the aviation industry who held an MBA from London Business School and who was fluent in five languages. His career had come to a turning point and he found himself in a professional crisis when he started working with Annette.


The agreed objectives for the coaching process were to:

  • Develop a leadership development plan to manage the transition into a more suitable role and ensure his employability;
  • Identify inner and outer blocs that were holding him back from true success as a leader;
  • Create an approach that the client could put into practice to manage his self-leadership and to inspire others.


Annette held 15 coaching sessions via skype with the client to develop his leadership development plan and ensure its sustainable and successful implementation. The following actions were taken:
The client compiled any feedback he had received from stakeholders in the past, e.g. in performance management conversations, talent ratings or anecdotal, to gain clarity on his strengths and developmental areas.
In order to find out more about his overall energy level, to be able to manage his energy more consciously and to shift it, he participated in the Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI™) assessment.
From the “ideal self” exercise and the “values assessment”, the client could derive his long-term professional goals and specify attributes of the future job environment.
The ELI™ as well as the “wheel of life” provided profound indication on areas that needed attention for the client to be able to lead him and others.
The client completed a relationship map and developed individual approaches for key stakeholders.
He also identified what resources were available to him, and whom he could turn to for advice.
Based on the initial steps, the client created a wish list of potential future employers. In an elevator speech he expressed his strengths, leadership qualities and how an employer would benefit from collaborating with him.


The client is now clear on his professional goals and the direction he wants to move into in the long-term. He realized that it was important to him to work in an environment that emphasized diversity and social responsibility. He found a new job as a middle manager that is in alignment with his personal values and beliefs. His on-boarding with the new employer was efficient and successful. He realized that leading himself was crucial for others to follow him. He integrated stress management techniques (e.g. meditating) in his daily routine. The ELI™ had shown him that positive energy was required to influence and motivate him and others in a sustainable way.

So what

Annette’s client has achieved his objectives within a short period of time. He gained awareness of his leadership derailers and inner confidence to take action.

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