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From outsider to insider

“Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves”. Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to your discomfort zone! Like it or not, globalization is here … to stay.
Most large companies have some kind of business relations with customers, companies, employees or various stakeholders in other countries and cultures. Many employees and managers deal with people from other cultures on a constant basis, including virtual work.

Each of us views the world through a lens of values, morals, conventions, behaviors, attitudes and ethics that are unique to our country of origin. Culture informs every aspect of how we live, function and interpret the world around us. When diverse cultures get together, inadvertent misunderstandings frequently occur, despite a common shared language.

Coaching helps you to accept and embrace the differences of your diverse workforce, leverage a shared vision, promote open communication, foster strong work relationships among virtual teams, and boost interoffice rapport.

Through coaching you will increase your self-awareness and clarity on your own cultural identity and how that impacts your decision-making, communication and team management.

Work with anyone anywhere. Inspired Executives help you navigate your discomfort zone.

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