Beware of Emotional Vampires

Leaders, You do not need to be an expert in vampirism to know that there are people in your work and personal life who can suck the energy out of you. They are experts at pushing your buttons in many shapes or forms. It isn’t that they are intentionally mean to you, or are utterly [...]

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Courage within us

Leaders, A friend, colleague and client of Inspired Executives has started a major transformation about a year ago. While it took her a while to make that tough decision, the insights and freedom she is gaining in her journey are invaluable and encouraging for others. This is Gesche’s story: “My best decisions have always been [...]

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The Dark Triad or the fifty shades of gray in leadership

Leaders, How dark is your personality? Are you a manipulative person?  Can you switch off your empathy? Are you completely obsessed with yourself? If your answer is yes, you might want to pay attention to your dark side. “Dark” leaders may be toxic but still be as effective as pro-social, self-controlled, and “good” leaders. Let’s [...]

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Time to forgive

Leaders*, What are your strategies for releasing pent-up anger? How do you ensure you communicate from a place of empathy? On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 = all-time hero), how good are you at accepting people for who they are (including yourself) with all their peculiarities, imperfections, and flaws? The biggest barrier to [...]

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Why Vague Feedback is Holding Women Back

Leaders, The number of women in executive roles has not changed largely in the last decade despite of significant investments in corporate advancement programs for women leaders. Women only hold 23% of senior management positions, and 35% of management positions. One major reason why women are not rising to executive ranks is the feedback they [...]

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How Women Manage Office Politics – Yes, We Can Play the Game!

Leaders, Office Politics are a fact of corporate life; positive or negative – politics happens. The reality is that politics is how power is managed on a practical basis everyday. The drama that unfolds as co-workers and top leaders play the game, form alliances, take credit, manipulate, trade favors to move upowards, show favoritism [...]

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9 Habits of Politically Savvy People

Leaders, The term ‘Politics’ is based on the words ‘Poly’ and ‘Ticks’, ‘Poly’ meaning many, and ‘Ticks’ meaning blood-sucking parasites. Whenever people’s priorities, values, and interests diverge, some type of politicking usually takes place. Office politics are inevitable, and involve intentional acts of influence to enhance or protect the self-interest of individuals or groups. [...]

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Developing Strengths

Leaders, How much time and effort do you devote to developing your own and others’ strengths? And, conversely, how much time do you invest in fixing your own and others’ shortcomings? Does your staff have the opportunity to do what they do best every day? All leaders have their own unique talents, which they use [...]

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Taking Charge: Managing and Overcoming Fear

Leaders, Fear is one of the biggest stumbling blocks people encounter in managing change and moving forward. It heightens your stress level, activates your fight and flight instinct, and can cause you to wake up at night worrying. Your capacity and ability to pay attention is being limited or shut down. You have probably experienced [...]

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Managing Stress and Building Resilience: Quick Tips

Leaders, Resilience is that indescribable capability that helps us bounce back from adversity and leadership setbacks – qualities that are crucial in today’s business environment. Building and strengthening your resilience muscle takes time, attention, tenacity and patience. It also requires a decent amount of self-awareness that enables you to realize when you are on the [...]

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