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Coaching is like dancing

Leaders*, Have you ever been accused of being top-heavy, data-driven or too analytical? Have you ever ruminated to the extent that you couldn’t fall asleep? How often have you been involved in arguments that basically were about being right or wrong? Have you dreamed about something for a long time and never acted on it? [...]

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Feedback: Driving Individual and Organizational Success [with Download]

Leaders, Giving impactful feedback is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish, isn’t it? Then again, it is one of the most effective drivers for individual and organizational success. Let’s take a look at the current situation of workplace feedback and its consequences, the importance of feedback, and what you can do to deliver it [...]

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Hit the Spot Developing your Team

Back in th e 90ies, a typical phone call I got from a manager went like this:  “I am calling you because I need a teambuilding activity for my team.” “Yeah, great, what do you need?” “Well, I thought you were the expert…” “I am but you need to know what you want. What is it [...]

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No Love. No Change.

Leaders, What role does love play in change processes or work relationships? What is its opponent? What do you think of love as one of the underlying forces driving transformations? To be crystal clear: The corporate understanding of love differs from a personal or intimate definition of love. Generally, love consists of emotions and feelings [...]

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What’s your Leadership Response to the VUCA World?

Leaders, What drivers will impact economic activity for the long-term? It’s probably the interplay and intensity of the usual suspects: Technological advancement, volatile consumer interests, increasing customer demands, versatile competitors, disintegrated markets, natural disasters, as well as massive socio-political and socio-economic shifts. These drivers create an environment that can be characterized by the speed and [...]

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No Innovation without Creativity

This beautiful picture was drawn for me by my big niece (8) Leaders, Welcome! How would you rate the importance of creativity for your company’s success? Instead of pondering about how we can apply creativity in a helpful way, we often limit ourselves to identifying what could hinder our creativity or block [...]

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