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Annette B. Czernik. PCC, has 25+ years experience as a manager and mentor in multinational financial services companies, and 20+ years experience coaching leaders at all levels - front-line to C-Suite and in life - around the globe. Her coaching practice offers all services in English and German, in-person, via phone or videoconference.

Time to forgive

Leaders*, What are your strategies for releasing pent-up anger? How do you ensure you communicate from a place of empathy? On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 = all-time hero), how good are you at accepting people for who they are (including yourself) with all their peculiarities, imperfections, and flaws? The biggest barrier to [...]

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The power of gratitude

Leaders*, Well, it’s the time of the year again to reflect on what we have and appreciate. What have you been particularly grateful for? Who deserves a heartfelt gesture of gratitude? Have you seen everyone and all contributions on your team? When it comes to business, it is easy to fall into the trap of [...]

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Aha, Woohoo and Wow: Design Thinking

Leaders, How do you promote innovation and creativity? Do you know what your customers or users really want? Are you allowed to experiment and possibly fail? Which product designs do you love? As a non-technical person, I am wowed by the aesthetics and functionality of Apple products. I also love the experience of getting a [...]

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Coaching is like dancing

Leaders*, Have you ever been accused of being top-heavy, data-driven or too analytical? Have you ever ruminated to the extent that you couldn’t fall asleep? How often have you been involved in arguments that basically were about being right or wrong? Have you dreamed about something for a long time and never acted on it? [...]

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Coaching is the language of innovation

Leaders, We live in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) in times of unheard-of turbulence. It is an era of ever-increasing competition and technology that changes at speeds unimaginable a few years ago. Surviving and thriving in this environment requires a unique approach to accelerating innovation, catalyzing discovery, and tapping emerging opportunities. Albert Einstein [...]

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FeMale Leadership is Beautiful

Leaders, In preparation for the “Inspired Women Development Series” that I will be launching together with LFM Coaching, Buenos Aires/Argentina, I have asked a few colleagues and experts in the field of leadership development and diversity & inclusion about their views on characteristics of male and female leadership and the most effective approach to developing [...]

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What the best leaders need to know about teams: Safety first!

Leaders, Imagine you accepted a new challenging position that created as much apprehension as it did excitement. Of course, you are aware that more and more of today’s work is powered by teams and the execution of the company’s long-term goals heavily relies on effective collaboration. As the newbie in the organization, what can [...]

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Why Vague Feedback is Holding Women Back

Leaders, The number of women in executive roles has not changed largely in the last decade despite of significant investments in corporate advancement programs for women leaders. Women only hold 23% of senior management positions, and 35% of management positions. One major reason why women are not rising to executive ranks is the feedback they [...]

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